Shape a Business Case Process: An IT Governance and IT Value Management Practices Viewpoint with COBIT 5.0

Cristiano Pereira, Carlos Ferreira, Luis Amaral


The growth in IT investments increases the concern of organizations and their leaders to ensure the expected business value from these investments. Business value derived only emerges through business changes and innovations, i.e., organizational transformation. Organizational change through digital transformation is a fundamental component for business value resulting from IT investments and a driver of further change. Organizations perceive the Business Case as a critical instrument to realize the potential value from IT. A well-developed and intelligently used business case is one of the most valuable tools available to management. This paper embraces an oriented practical perspective to existing Enterprise Governance of IT and IT Value Management professional frameworks. A literature review methodology is performed in academic and practitioner literature. Based on literature findings, we propose a based model that supports organizations in development a maintenance of a Business Case Process grounded on COBIT 5.

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